Friendship – a Million Little Things

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that the world is born.”

FRIEND…. A word that describes all – a tree for sunny weather, an umbrella for rain, a support for breakdown and above all a bond for life! Friendship means understanding, not agreement; it means forgiveness but not forgetting. Though some natural loners are happy without them, most of us depend greatly on the company of true friends. As with any relationship, friendship gives emotional support, joy and occasional strife. Be it day or night, a friend is always within our reach. Our heart thrives for them when they are not close to us physically. Friendship is the most complex yet the most meaningful relationship in our life. The unique bond of friendship runs deeper than family ties, and lasts for a lifetime.

What does friendship mean? Why is it often much easier to be yourself around friends as opposed to family or spouse? In simple words, for me, Friendship means a billion questions and at the same time, it’s the answer to those billion questions too.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The old age saying sounds too good to be true in today’s self-centred world. In this age of social media, the possibility to reach and connect with people across the world has multiplied in an unprecedented manner. Adding friends at the click of a button and keeping them updated with latest tweets or quickly building a following on blog – the networking options are almost limitless. As the number of virtual friends and followers multiply, have you ever wondered how much of them are literally “real”, who all will stand beside you throughout holding your hand in good times as well as in troubled times? 

I used to consider myself to be ‘The Mr. POPULAR’, who everyone wanted. I had hundreds of people roaming around me throughout the day. But it was soon that I came to realise that these people were not my real friends. Most of my so-called friends only remembered me when they wanted a favour or help from me. I readily helped them out whenever I could. But when I faced a difficulty, no one came to help me out. It felt miserable at that time. But I moved on….life had taught me enough to recognize my real friends and be with them.

Like this, there came in a few people in my life, who brought back my happiness. To bring back the lost smile that adorned my face. And they were determined to make it last this time. They gave me their hand and pulled me out of darkness. They made me realise that I was special for them, that there were some people who feared the very idea of losing me, whom I could call MINE. I had found my friends. They came into my life with a promise of never leaving me, but their lied the difference between others and them; they have kept their promise and have never left me since then.


While making friends is easy, retaining them for life is a dream everyone nurtures. It won’t be wrong to say that instead of having a hundred fake friends, it’s better to have a few real ones, who you can really depend on. As Jaithalal in Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah calls his friend “Fire Brigade” who help him out during troubled times and stand as solid support with him. Even when you lose contact with some of your friends, they leave behind their memories to stay with you forever. Some people come and leave their footprints in our life; the memories of them will always be cherished and treasured.

Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.

A Best Friend associates with you anyway. They love you from the bottom of their heart. They know your deepest secrets, and keep them forever. They know your flaws, and accept you with those flaws. I bet no one can tolerate you when you have weird mood swings. But friends not only stand with you through such mood swings but also know the reason behind it. You might try to hide your emotions from them but they’ll always get to know without much saying. They’ll hold your hand and give you their shoulder to cry on. They’ll be right by your side when you’re laughing so hard that you can’t even breathe.


You take much pride in your best friend’s achievements than your own. You might not openly boast about your achievements to everyone but they’ll always be there to boast it front of everyone, even when you wouldn’t want them to do so. If you have a best friend, damn, you’re lucky. But if not, you don’t have to spend your entire life searching for one, they’ll come around eventually.

There are some things that only ‘best friends’ can understand. Like, when you have a crush on someone. You can hide it from the person you fell for but not from your best friend. They instantly figure out when you have butterflies in your stomach the moment you see that special someone. Even when you are heartbroken, they stretch their arms wide to hug you and comfort you. So infatuation, new love, fear or any other thing; they know it all.


The first time I fell in Love; I was a bit hesitant telling it to anyone. So, the secret was confined to me. But one of my best friends sensed my heart’s condition, though I didn’t tell him anything. He got to know that there is something that I was hiding from him. So one day he came up to me and told, “Batta saale tera dil kisne chorri kar liya?!” I stood there, shocked for one moment. How did he come to know about it? Best Friends you know, they get to know everything without you having to tell them. I tried escaping his question but then he asked me again – batta kaun hai! I replied, “Hain ek larki mere complex mei, whom I have lost my heart to! I like her immensely but I don’t know; it feels very weird!” He then asked me to tell him her name. I made up an imaginary name of her then and there because I didn’t want anyone to know about her. The next moment I saw him grow FURIOUS. He pointed out to me and said, “Tum ab apne best friend se bhi jhooth bolne lagg gaya hai. I can clearly see in your eyes. Isn’t it *****?! (sorry, I can’t spill the beans out here) I was startled. I smiled at him and asked, “How did you get to know?” He replied, “Bhai, tera BEST Friend hoon! Tujh ko tujhse zyaada jaanta hu!”


Life takes its own course. My life took quick turns and left me tormented. I had couple of personal losses. It left an everlasting impression on my mind that all my dear and loved ones will leave me. My fears were quick to take place in my heart. And soon the fears started turning into reality. My friends left me, all alone in despair. I had no shoulder to cry on. These were the very people who had promised to never leave me. But as you know, life goes on and never stops for anyone. I had to overcome the challenges put in front of me all by myself. I made myself hard, but still felt vulnerable. I started running away from my friends. So, I started engaging myself with lots of work. I rose to heights that a student could only wish for. A smile would stick on my face, but deep down I wasn’t as happy and contented as I used to be. I wished that the old ‘me’ could come back. The one who could laugh on the silliest of jokes and enjoyed his life to the fullest. But that person was lost, somewhere in the depth of my heart, from where nothing could return.

After all the ups and downs, I have realised that I have been blessed with friends a person can only dream to be with, and they have played key role in my life. They were there through my toughest times – supporting and encouraging me. They have seen and been there with me in all my good and bad times. They know me in and out.

Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there!

Sometimes songs say more than words ever could. Aren’t friends like songs, you seem to need them everytime? To name a few of my PERSONAL FAVOURITES –

  • Count On Me – by Bruno Mars
  • See You Again – by Wiz Khalifa
  • Yaaron Dosti – by K.K.
  • Dil Chahta Hai (from Dil Chahta Hai)
  • Allah Waariyan (from Yaariyan)
  • Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe (from 3 Idiots)

[Don’t forget to check these songs out after leaving this Blog]

I can gladly boast about having 3 best friends which are like pearls in my life! They are my world, with whom I can share everything without hesitation. With them, I can be ME! All of my BEST Friends hold a certain portion of my heart.

So here I am ending this blog with a Shaayari:

Tumhaari iss DOSTI ka kya jawaab doon,

tum jaise dost ko kya tohfa doon?

Koi acha sa phool hota toh la deta, par jo khud gulistaan ho

usse kya kya Gulaab doon!

Sorry guys for being late in posting the blog this time. My exams were up and even lost someone close to me, to death. I hope you all liked our work. Please support us and share what you feel about the topic in the comments section below. If you like our blog please like and share it with your friends. Above all please SUBSCRIBE our blog, it becomes much easier to reach out to all of you.

Till then Stay Happy. Keep Smiling and Do whatever you want to do man!


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  1. llatonya222 · July 30, 2015

    Now your preaching to the choir Himanshu&Diksha

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