F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TWO “Day of our Lives – Flashback”


Rachel finally gets off the plane, and comes back to Ross. They never parted their ways again, though every now and then they get into heated altercations about being on a BREAK.

Monica and Chandler bring home the twins, and eventually name them Jack Bing and Erica Bing. They not once regret the decisions of adopting both the children and the second thoughts they faced back in the labour room have all faded away.

Phoebe and Mike are so full of happiness and love, they can barely exclaim. They come over to welcome the twins.

Joey unaware of the birth of twins is astonished at first moment, and is lighted up with surprise, at the second. Joey got to keep Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.

They end their day by getting a picture of this beautiful new family clicked.



FRIENDS Ill Be There For You_zpslfztuf7q

Episode one: “Day of our Lives – Flashback”

[Ben, just before leaving for college in the morning and finally pursuing his big dream of being in Princeton, turns to give a final goodbye to the place that has been his home for the last eighteen years. He glances at the pictures from almost a decade ago, when his aunt Monica and uncle Chandler brought Jack and Erica home, and his Dad had finally reconciled with the one and only love of his life, Rachel. He recalls his sixteenth birthday party, when aunt Phoebe decided to explain to him the theory of his Mum and Dad being each other’s “lobsters”, after his repeated requests.]
Ben: (on phone) Yes Mum, I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry. No, no Mom I won’t do drugs. Now you and Carol enjoy your trip to Hawaii. I’ll keep in touch. Bye.
Ross: Benny, big day’s here! All set for your first day?
Rachel: Ross, where did you put my new bag?! It was a gift from Ralph Lauren on my birthday. It was pretty damn expensive one.
Emma: Um, mum?
Rachel: Later, honey. Mummy can’t find her bag!
Emma: Yes, this is about your bag.
Rachel: What??! What about it! *frowns* Emma?
Emma: Um, you remember I went to Agatha’s birthday party yesterday?
Rachel: Oh my god, Emma! Why are we discussing the lousy birthday party, anyway?!
Emma: Because I gifted that bag to her as a birthday present.
(Ross and Rachel in chorus): WHAT??!
Rachel: Emma, I got that bag very expensive! Have you completely lost it?! Why did you do that?!
Emma: Agatha’s my best friend! The other day she came over, she told me how she loved your collection of things and how she wished someone could gift her even one of those gorgeous bags. Would there be a better way to surprise her?
[Rachel frowns, while Ross and Ben blankly stare at the mother-daughter duo. Girls!]
Emma: I couldn’t gift her just anything! She’s the most popular chick of us lot. And besides, she has promised to convince Mark to go with me to the junior prom. Junior prom! It’s every girl’s dream!
[Rachel makes her face into a strange nostalgic expression. Ben looks at her with an expression of utter confusion. Emma knows she’s worked her charm fair. Ross frowns because he very well knows what Rachel is about to delve into. Flashbacks and Rachel just cannot seem to survive without each other.]
[Rachel travels back to middle school days…]
Rhodney: Rach! I found you a date!
Rachel: (giggling and then girlishly crossing her fingers) Please let it be Stuart! Please! Please!
Rhodney: Well, there’s nothing Rhodney can’t do!
Rachel:  Oh my god, Rhodney! (jumps and dances around) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Monica: Um, Rach? You coming for class?
Rhodney: HERE COMES FAT-ASS MONICA! HERE COMES FAT-ASS MONICA (indicates Rachel to join in, and Rachel can’t refuse, so she does) HERE COMES FAT-ASS MONICA! HERE COMES FAT-ASS MONICA!
[Monica, highly astonished and disappointed at what Rachel does to her, takes another big bite of the donut in her hand and rushes to the rest room, with tears taking over her entire face.
Rachel, who feels guilty for doing what she just did, approaches to be there for Monica. However, Rhodney ‘s hand on her shoulder at that moment reminds her that she isn’t supposed to go. Or she would lose her golden ticket to the prom with Stuart.]
Ross:  Rach? You there? It’s his first day of college.
Ben: What was that all about?!
Rachel: Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s go! Emma, go get ready!
Ben gives Ross an amusing glance, and Ross sighs back. He then mouths to him, “Flashback”, upon which Ben bursts into a roar of laughter, which pauses as Monica enters with Chandler.
Monica: Where’s our big boy, Ben?
Ross: Oh hey, Mon. Here he is. Where are Jack and Erica?
Chandler: Oh, we just came from dropping them to school. It’s our Benny’s big day, huh?
[Ben smiles at them in his usual adorable way]
Monica: Here! We got you a present!
Ben: Well thank you, Aunt Monica!
Chandler: (grinning) Well, open it, big boy!
[Ben opens the present in a slight hurry. From under the wrappers, emerge a watch with a clown’s face beaming on it, followed by a book that reads, “Keeping myself ‘clean’ – a guide for college lads!!”
Ben fails to control his laughter. He hugs Chandler tight and whispers “Why that book?” in his ears.]
Chandler: (whispering) You thank your stars, it’s just a book. We recently had to go to a party Jacob had thrown for his son for being accepted at Harvard. Monica took the responsibility to getting a present. My biggest mistake was to trust her on that. And my, was the kid excited that day, exhilarated with joy that night, though I think it was mostly because of the champagne. He decided to open all the presents in front of everyone. Trust me, that decision of his wasn’t very good one. He called out our name loud, “Mr. and Mrs. Bing” and Monica waved her hand like she just won the Miss Universe title. And there emerged a beautiful, brown broom, the lovely gift your aunt bought for him.
Ben: (shouting) Oh, come on! A broom!
Monica: Hey, hey! He sent me an email saying that my present was very helpful.
[Joey and Pheobe enter]
Joey: Useful? I bet there was alcohol involved.
[Everyone bursts into a heartily laugh together]
Phoebe: Hey, peeps! See when what I got you Ben! A lucky charms bracelet.
Rachel: Aww, Pheebs! You look lovely! (hugs Phoebe)
Ross: We’re gonna be late! Let’s go, guys!
Ben: Yup.
Rachel: Just a second, I’ll just put on my lipstick. Emma, could you please go and get me the lipstick which was in my bag. You kept the stuff, didn’t you?
Emma:  Umm….
Ross: Emma!
Chandler: (with a sarcastic smile) She did not!
Monica: Wait. What’s going on?
[Ben briefs them about the incident. Joey chuckles and enquires if the bag was a U-N-I SEX one.]
Rachel: (breathes in and out): Okay. I’ll deal with the make-up crisis later.
Ross: Calm down, Rach. We could go shopping today.
Ben: Mum, today is your lucky day (smirks)
[All of them walk to Ross’s car to wave a final goodbye to Ben. Suddenly, a blonde girl wearing a faded blue dress approaches. The bag dangling on her hand looks familiar to Rachel.]
Emma: Agatha? Hi!
Agatha: Oh, snap out of it, Emma! (takes her to a side) You couldn’t even gimme a proper birthday present! This lipstick? (bringing out the lipstick) It sucks. My date with Mark just got ruined because of this! He told me my choice of sucks! I hate you for doing this to me.
Emma: Wait. But I like Mark! I thought you knew that!
Agatha: Oh, of course, I did. And how desperately you wanted him to be your partner at the junior prom. But all thanks to your stupid gift, he is never coming back to me!
Emma: Oh, no no no. You did not just say that. You can’t do that to me! You’re supposed to be my best friend!
Agatha: Ha ha ha. Since when, girl?
[Agatha walks away, leaving Emma in a bizarre situation. Emma returns, and Rachel figures there’s something wrong. On asking, Emma tells Monica and her mum everything that happened. After a minute of comforting her, Rachel apologizes to Monica out of the blues, and Monica hugs her, telling her it was a long time ago. Everyone looks confusingly at each other.
Another flashback. Rachel and Monica recall how Rhodney did something similar to Rachel, and how Stuart walked away to dance with Rhodney after kissing Rachel. Monica was the only one who left her own date waiting so that she could be there for Rachel. Monica had been a true friend for like, forever now.]
Joey: Oh crap! Wait guys, I am not yet done with my gift.
Phoebe: (puzzled) But you don’t have anything in your hand?
Joey: Well my gift is a special one, you guys see.
Chandler: (sarcastically)We certainly don’t!
Joey: Come on guys, turn away. Let me have my time with my boy. (He continues after waiting for everyone to turns around) Since, it is your first day in college, you’ll meet a lot of young girls. Now today. I’m going to tell you how to impress any girl in your college. Just one line, and they’ll be all red. Just go near them, and say, “How you doin’ ?” It works every damn time.
Ben: (trying to imitate uncle Joey) How you doin’ ?
Joey: (blushing and giggling) Oh, come on…
Ben: (laughing) I think it works on lads too, I believe.
Ben: (shouting) We’re running outta time! Don’t you all think so?
[Rachel hurries to the car with Emma, and everyone says goodbye to Ben. Everybody is extremely proud of him, and he’s glad he can see it in their eyes.]
[Emma does not speak throughout their ride to Princeton. Ross and Rachel, as responsible parents, keep reminding Ben of important things for his life in college.
They finally reach Princeton, their final stop. All of them get out of the car.]
Ross: Okay Benny, bye son! Take good care of yourself and work hard, okay?
Ben: (hugging Ross) Yes, dad.
Rachel: And, and you date the right girls, okay?
Ben: (chuckles) Yes, mum.
Emma: ­B-bye Benny! Have fun in college ‘with girls’!
Ben: Bye, Em!
[As Ben walks away to college, and they see him go, Rachel and Ross smile at how much Ben has grown up and what an amazing child he had been, all through.
When he finds his way in, they get back into the car, and start to their way back home.]
Ross: Aww, Rach. Our Benny’s doing good, isn’t he?
Rachel: He’ll do us proud, Ross. (She rests her head on his shoulder as he drives, smiling at the sunshine and looking at the roads ahead)
Emma: You know, you can do this later, I’m still in the car.
[Ross and Rachel smile at each other, and chuckle a little. They see the love still new and pure for each other as it had been from the beginning. They see how hopelessly happy they were, in the life they had chosen, together.]

P.S. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is one of our favourite shows and we never could get enough of it. The jokes are making a whole new generation of fans laugh. All of us could relate to at least one of the characters. While they all may look perfect, they are flawed, with weaknesses, and that makes them even more likeable. When the series ended for us we both were heart-broken. All we wished was to see this character reprising their role on television once again. So this was our try to it. We sincerely hope you liked our work. If you did please don’t forget to like, comment and share it with all your friends who have ever watched it.
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SIBLINGS – the Enemies you can’t Live without!

To the outside world, we all grow old. But not for our brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.

SIBLING. The word is self-explanatory in itself. It is one of the strongest and also one of the most enduring relationships of life. Friends may come and go, but one is always STUCK with their siblings for the rest of life. The impact they have on our life is enormous – they shape our minds and character, to a far greater extent than what is usually acknowledged.

Among the many flowers in the garden called life, siblings are the most magnificent of all.

Siblings become an integral part of our life as time passes by. Life seems almost impossible without them. They can be the ears to listen, the shoulder to cry on, and the conscience that knows you better than anyone else. Your sister’s smiling face or a pat on the back from your brother has more power than the motivational quotes you go through. When you join hands and become each other’s partners in crime, you bring out the best in each other.

Having a sibling is both a blessing and a curse. Finding trouble is not a difficult task when you are with them, but neither is making (and keeping) memories. Every single memory of your childhood, every single moment when chill ran down your spine, every ounce of something you wished that could have gone a little better; they’ve been there throughout, and experienced it with you even if you even if they weren’t there next to you at that moment.



Our bonding with our siblings remains the same, and it only grows stronger over time. You can never see anyone hurting your sibling, because only you are allowed to do that and no one else. Caring about no one’s opinion except your sibling’s, being protective about each other and saying SORRY in the cutest of ways when they get angry, blaming each other, kicking each other when you share the same bed and asking for help when you know you’re in deep trouble. All these are part and parcel of the relation with your sibling(s).

You like all their Facebook and Instagram posts, even if they don’t make a whole lot of sense to you. And sometimes you are the only person to like their post.


Old photo albums are filled with pictures basically summing up your love-hate relationship from childhood. If you have a sister then you must have got at least one makeover from her; or if you have a brother then you probably too like me have fallen victim to your brother’s pranks more than once. Whenever you are talking to any friend over phone, they’ll have to comment about something or the other to interrupt the conversation.

They are your savior at boring family gatherings. You so miss them when they aren’t around you. Even the most annoying things about them become a habit of yours. These are the things that make the bond between siblings unbreakable. I cannot wonder what life would have been like without siblings. Childhood memories would have been incomplete without them. In fact, we would vaguely remember parts of our childhood if it weren’t for our siblings.  No matter how much they irritate us, tease us, fight with us; these intolerable creatures always did, always do and always will hold a part of our heart. Isn’t it amazing to be able to do things together and later on laugh at those stupid things done years ago?

Sibling relationships are always accompanied by the never ending power struggle to claim superiority over each other. Fights between siblings are a common sight. Fights can start over the most silly and stupid reasons which in turn creates havoc at home. My entire childhood was spent trying to outwit, outlast, and outplay my brother to earn the title of “Last Sibling Standing”. Some fights ended within a few minutes and some would take several hours or days to resolve. But these sweet memories linger around you throughout your life.


Siblings know our real selves more than any person that has ever existed on this planet. They’ve been through all our mood swings, and have covered up for so many of our blunders and mistakes. Sharing secrets among siblings is very common because no one understands you better than them. Intimidating them to reveal all their secrets is that usual weapon each one of us resorts to, even when deep down we knew that secrets will always be safe with them, no matter what happened. Come hail or high water. It’s a trump card which can be used innumerable times to force your sibling to do something against their will. It’s fun when you play the first move but doesn’t remain fun once this card is being played on you. But it is easy to get them on your side; Cadbury always does its job, you know!

Older siblings are the ones who will pick on you for their own entertainment and beat up anyone else who tries.

As we fight our way in this unpardoning and cruel world, they will always defend you from all evil even before you realize it. After a certain point in life, there comes a time when you start to lose the bond you shared with your friends, family and relatives; sometimes even your parents don’t seem to understand you. When you don’t have anyone by your side, you’ll always have them holding your hand and fighting against all the odds just for you. They’ll fight with mom and dad just to defend you, even if they get a scolding for it. They perfectly cover up all your mistakes. Elder siblings become our second parents. You can share all your problems with them without any fear; with a satisfaction in your heart that if there is an answer to your problems then it most probably lies with them (though they sometimes act way too bossy for your liking). Being the powerhouses of experience and knowledge, they can drive you out of any situation with the best possible advices. They can teach you a lot about life, people and situations. There is so much to see, and even more to learn from them.

They try to keep up with your life, so that they can help you when you lose yourself somewhere in the crowd of attractions, worldly pleasures and achievements. They’re holding your legs on the ground while you have your head in the clouds, so that you don’t fall. They’ll watch our favourite shows; they’ll learn up the names of all our friends, they’ll even listen to our new playlist to know about things we aren’t sharing with them. They are probably the only one in your family who knows about your crushes even when you haven’t told it to them directly. They get to know it, somehow. Believe it or not, they try really hard to remain a part of your life and they do all this with joy.

Last year my studies took a hit. My marks weren’t something I would take pride in. I was really disappointed and let down by myself. Life seemed to have lost purpose for me because of those marks. My parents were only adding to my worries at that point. Just then my sister stepped in, she told me to not be disappointed as marks were only a small part of one’s life, over which one shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. What matters the most is how you look at your bigger picture and how you work towards achieving it. She told me not to cry of what is gone, but to learn and grow from what I have learned through those mistakes. We don’t always recognize the “good” in the “bad”. Those simple words worked their magic that time. In short, siblings can be great mentors and while only you can make the way to your future, they in some way or another play an important part in shaping it. They expect nothing in return, which makes them deserve much more than just gratefulness.


They have sacrificed a great deal for us, starting from giving away their favorite chocolate to sacrificing their dreams so that you can live yours. They have done it all for you but they have never let it count. They might be in tremendous pain or might be going through a turbulent time, but they’ll forget every pain of theirs when you call them for help. You can’t think of another person in the world who you’d act in the same manner around. And more often than not, people think you two ARE a couple when you’re out together. At the end of the day, there’s nothing stronger than a brother and a sister’s bond.

SIBLINGS are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there!

Songs have a VOICE of their own. Sometimes they say more than words ever could. Aren’t siblings like songs, you seem to need them every now and then?  So here are some of the songs I would want all of you to listen to –

  • Memory – Barbara Streisand
  • Count On Me – Bruno Mars
  • Brothers & Sisters – Coldplay
  • You’ve Got A Friend in Me – Randy Newman
  • You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins

The power of the sibling relationship is often over-shadowed by the value we place on building good parent-child relationships, friendships and marital relationships. The fact is that no bond is typically longer, stronger or more comforting than that between siblings.

Note: Just do one last thing for us. Go hug your brother or sister, tell them how important they are for you and how much you love them for all the things they have done for you.

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Friendship – a Million Little Things

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that the world is born.”

FRIEND…. A word that describes all – a tree for sunny weather, an umbrella for rain, a support for breakdown and above all a bond for life! Friendship means understanding, not agreement; it means forgiveness but not forgetting. Though some natural loners are happy without them, most of us depend greatly on the company of true friends. As with any relationship, friendship gives emotional support, joy and occasional strife. Be it day or night, a friend is always within our reach. Our heart thrives for them when they are not close to us physically. Friendship is the most complex yet the most meaningful relationship in our life. The unique bond of friendship runs deeper than family ties, and lasts for a lifetime.

What does friendship mean? Why is it often much easier to be yourself around friends as opposed to family or spouse? In simple words, for me, Friendship means a billion questions and at the same time, it’s the answer to those billion questions too.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The old age saying sounds too good to be true in today’s self-centred world. In this age of social media, the possibility to reach and connect with people across the world has multiplied in an unprecedented manner. Adding friends at the click of a button and keeping them updated with latest tweets or quickly building a following on blog – the networking options are almost limitless. As the number of virtual friends and followers multiply, have you ever wondered how much of them are literally “real”, who all will stand beside you throughout holding your hand in good times as well as in troubled times? 

I used to consider myself to be ‘The Mr. POPULAR’, who everyone wanted. I had hundreds of people roaming around me throughout the day. But it was soon that I came to realise that these people were not my real friends. Most of my so-called friends only remembered me when they wanted a favour or help from me. I readily helped them out whenever I could. But when I faced a difficulty, no one came to help me out. It felt miserable at that time. But I moved on….life had taught me enough to recognize my real friends and be with them.

Like this, there came in a few people in my life, who brought back my happiness. To bring back the lost smile that adorned my face. And they were determined to make it last this time. They gave me their hand and pulled me out of darkness. They made me realise that I was special for them, that there were some people who feared the very idea of losing me, whom I could call MINE. I had found my friends. They came into my life with a promise of never leaving me, but their lied the difference between others and them; they have kept their promise and have never left me since then.


While making friends is easy, retaining them for life is a dream everyone nurtures. It won’t be wrong to say that instead of having a hundred fake friends, it’s better to have a few real ones, who you can really depend on. As Jaithalal in Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah calls his friend “Fire Brigade” who help him out during troubled times and stand as solid support with him. Even when you lose contact with some of your friends, they leave behind their memories to stay with you forever. Some people come and leave their footprints in our life; the memories of them will always be cherished and treasured.

Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.

A Best Friend associates with you anyway. They love you from the bottom of their heart. They know your deepest secrets, and keep them forever. They know your flaws, and accept you with those flaws. I bet no one can tolerate you when you have weird mood swings. But friends not only stand with you through such mood swings but also know the reason behind it. You might try to hide your emotions from them but they’ll always get to know without much saying. They’ll hold your hand and give you their shoulder to cry on. They’ll be right by your side when you’re laughing so hard that you can’t even breathe.


You take much pride in your best friend’s achievements than your own. You might not openly boast about your achievements to everyone but they’ll always be there to boast it front of everyone, even when you wouldn’t want them to do so. If you have a best friend, damn, you’re lucky. But if not, you don’t have to spend your entire life searching for one, they’ll come around eventually.

There are some things that only ‘best friends’ can understand. Like, when you have a crush on someone. You can hide it from the person you fell for but not from your best friend. They instantly figure out when you have butterflies in your stomach the moment you see that special someone. Even when you are heartbroken, they stretch their arms wide to hug you and comfort you. So infatuation, new love, fear or any other thing; they know it all.


The first time I fell in Love; I was a bit hesitant telling it to anyone. So, the secret was confined to me. But one of my best friends sensed my heart’s condition, though I didn’t tell him anything. He got to know that there is something that I was hiding from him. So one day he came up to me and told, “Batta saale tera dil kisne chorri kar liya?!” I stood there, shocked for one moment. How did he come to know about it? Best Friends you know, they get to know everything without you having to tell them. I tried escaping his question but then he asked me again – batta kaun hai! I replied, “Hain ek larki mere complex mei, whom I have lost my heart to! I like her immensely but I don’t know; it feels very weird!” He then asked me to tell him her name. I made up an imaginary name of her then and there because I didn’t want anyone to know about her. The next moment I saw him grow FURIOUS. He pointed out to me and said, “Tum ab apne best friend se bhi jhooth bolne lagg gaya hai. I can clearly see in your eyes. Isn’t it *****?! (sorry, I can’t spill the beans out here) I was startled. I smiled at him and asked, “How did you get to know?” He replied, “Bhai, tera BEST Friend hoon! Tujh ko tujhse zyaada jaanta hu!”


Life takes its own course. My life took quick turns and left me tormented. I had couple of personal losses. It left an everlasting impression on my mind that all my dear and loved ones will leave me. My fears were quick to take place in my heart. And soon the fears started turning into reality. My friends left me, all alone in despair. I had no shoulder to cry on. These were the very people who had promised to never leave me. But as you know, life goes on and never stops for anyone. I had to overcome the challenges put in front of me all by myself. I made myself hard, but still felt vulnerable. I started running away from my friends. So, I started engaging myself with lots of work. I rose to heights that a student could only wish for. A smile would stick on my face, but deep down I wasn’t as happy and contented as I used to be. I wished that the old ‘me’ could come back. The one who could laugh on the silliest of jokes and enjoyed his life to the fullest. But that person was lost, somewhere in the depth of my heart, from where nothing could return.

After all the ups and downs, I have realised that I have been blessed with friends a person can only dream to be with, and they have played key role in my life. They were there through my toughest times – supporting and encouraging me. They have seen and been there with me in all my good and bad times. They know me in and out.

Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there!

Sometimes songs say more than words ever could. Aren’t friends like songs, you seem to need them everytime? To name a few of my PERSONAL FAVOURITES –

  • Count On Me – by Bruno Mars
  • See You Again – by Wiz Khalifa
  • Yaaron Dosti – by K.K.
  • Dil Chahta Hai (from Dil Chahta Hai)
  • Allah Waariyan (from Yaariyan)
  • Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe (from 3 Idiots)

[Don’t forget to check these songs out after leaving this Blog]

I can gladly boast about having 3 best friends which are like pearls in my life! They are my world, with whom I can share everything without hesitation. With them, I can be ME! All of my BEST Friends hold a certain portion of my heart.

So here I am ending this blog with a Shaayari:

Tumhaari iss DOSTI ka kya jawaab doon,

tum jaise dost ko kya tohfa doon?

Koi acha sa phool hota toh la deta, par jo khud gulistaan ho

usse kya kya Gulaab doon!

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Parents: Selflessly Ours

What is GREATER than Mother’s Love? What is WARMER than Father’s Hug?

We all want to see our parents as our friends and not as Dictators.

You all must be interested in knowing what’s up next on this blog. After a lot of brainstorming, the two of us came to a conclusion that we should take on a topic, which everyone has faced in their teenage years. This time it’s not about LOVE….wait don’t get me wrong…it’s about LOVE only but this time LOVE in its purest form. When we love someone we often expect love from the other person in return, don’t we? Well this Love doesn’t. This form of love can be seen in every house. It’s about the LOVE that exists between parents and children; the unbreakable internal bond. No love greater than mom’s love, no care greater than dad’s care. Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional. However old you may grow but for your parents, you will always remain a child. You may outgrow their laps but not their HEARTS.

So a request to all my teenage friends and young readers out there, PLEASE request your Mom and Dad to leave their work for sometime and sit down with you and read this post.

Jaise ki koi bhi love story bina misunderstanding aur problems ke complete nai hoti waise hi iss LOVE story me bhi misunderstanding hai.

Every teenager reading this must be thinking, we know all this, but did you ever think why does this happen? I think the reason lies in different way of thinking and even maybe generation gap. What maybe right to you may seem wrong to them.

Pheww….There is a whole lot to write, as there is our (teenager’s) point of view that we need to put but at the same time we will try and put forward parent’s point of view as much as we can. Don’t worry we won’t stretch it too long (like our previous blogs) as we know there are constraints – time and space and thoughts.

There might have been times when you wondered how you are going to raise your children in a way that you always wanted to be raised and how you would be a better parent, have you ever thought in this way? Well honestly I did when I went crying in some corner of the room after their scolding.

Teenagers nowadays are pushing against the system (which we are referring over here as society and its ideologies) to make a mark for themselves in this world. Competitions are tougher than ever before and it is going to get tougher only. In the process of establishing ourselves, we tend to behave in such a way which makes our parents feel rejected, and sometimes even disrespected. Home in such instances becomes a battleground with constant power wrangles and high emotions.  Difference of opinion is a constant point for tug of war between parents and us. But all this is just a pale reflection of the battle we are fighting with ourselves in our head. At the same time, we have so many emotions bubbling within us that even we are unable to handle them. So, we stay confused for most of the time as everyday there is a new us whom we need to discover.

Stuart Goldman, director of psychiatric education at Children’s Hospital in Boston said – “The psychological goal of adolescence is to become independent from parents and establish their own identity and place within society. This involves building their own friendships and controlling their own emotional responses. Making their own decisions and moral choices based on consequences and conscience rather than fear of punishment. Developing their own beliefs and plans for the future. Adolescence is a time of rapid change for kids both physically and cognitively, the teenagers fire their parents and then re-hire them years later, but as consultants rather than managers this time. It is a common thing and parents around the world need to understand and accept this change”.

Teenage is an exciting time but at the same time it’s scary and challenging too. When we enter into this phase of our life, our life becomes different; in the way we think and the enormous amount of energy which we have. This is the time when we feel that we are all alone and have to confront this big cruel world in front; in order to survive and earn respect. People say it is most difficult to understand a lady and her actions, I disagree, we teenagers are far more complicated and it is almost impossible to know what’s going around in our biggg head (and by biggg I mean endless!). Don’t you agree? Teenage psychology I tell you!

At this time, the support and encouragement from parents is of paramount importance to us for a successful transition into adulthood. We may not admit it, but we know that they have seen much more in life than us and they understand things in much better and clearer way than us. Lessons taught by our parents are ones that we never forget.

In the eagerness of growing up and becoming independent we often neglect our parents. You know I always thought that whatever my parents did for me was nothing great and that it was their job to do so. I never respected whatever they did for me. But how wrong I was in doing so? I realized it now when my parents went out of town for a couple of days and the whole house was now my responsibility. I thought that it would be a complete breeze to handle the entire house myself. The first thoughts were of complete freedom, but then I soon realized how much effort it took to run the house which for now only consisted of me. I couldn’t sleep those two days. I was constantly worried about the safety of the house and my sleep would automatically break after every half an hour or so. And cooking which I thought to be the easiest task seeing my mother perform it seamlessly for so many years, came heavy on me, and it was then I realized how difficult was it to even make bread toast; and I wished that my mother made me Dosa, Paw Bhaji or Pizza every alternate days.

Those couple of days completely turned my life. Never would have I understood the true value of my parents and how lucky I was to have them in my life. I just can’t express how happy I was seeing them back. I hugged them tightly and didn’t leave them for next two minutes.


When I fight with my mom, my father comes to my rescue and saves me from my mother’s scolding but when it comes to matters concerning money then we all know our moms are the safer side to go than our dads. My mom even helps me in getting permission from dad for going out. We tend to search for a friend in our parents with whom we can share our feelings and thoughts. But when we don’t find a friend in our parents or probably I should put it this way, when we don’t see the friendship that our parents are offering us; we tend to disassociate ourselves from them and feel neglected and misunderstood.

Our parents are never against us but are just protective about us…uh ok sometimes over protective. They want us to be safe from all the evils and thus the care and concern that they show for us; we misjudge that and think that they are against our happiness. You won’t get to know what they go through unless you yourself go through parenthood. What parents fail to understand in their love is that overprotection only results in increased distance between them and us.

The distance that is created makes us attached towards our friends more because we feel that even they are on the same page as us and thus we connect with them easily and tend to listen to our friends rather than our parents. We start to overrule our parents and sometimes go and choose the way suggested by our friends (I am in no way holding friends responsible for the problems between you and your parents). It’s just that even our friends are going through the same emotions that we are going through so getting a perspective which is mature enough to handle a delicate situation is not possible (And neither am I).

Another topic which adds fuel to the fire  is STUDIES. Haven’t all our parents told us, “Kuch derr parr bhi liya karo, pura time T.V. aur phone mei lagge rehate ho” or maybe “Hamaare time mein hum purra dinn parte rehate thhe, ki humaari moms ko kehana parta tha ki kitna paroge thora derr bahar jaake khel ao, mujhe tumhe esse bolne ka mauka kab milega!?” What we think is that our parents put unnecessary pressure on us for studies. Ab baccha kitna parega. I don’t blame them for it, because you know, they are also concerned about our studies and our future probably more than we are. They don’t want us to go through the hardships that they have gone through. They only want us to become hard working so that we achieve everything that we wish to achieve.  But just a point for the parents, the extra pressure you put on us don’t help us in any way but it goes on to create a fear in our minds, we start fearing studies. It is important that parents don’t impose their dreams on us which they couldn’t fulfil. What we ask from our parents is the freedom to pursue our dreams. You wouldn’t like your child to lose on in life and happiness just for fulfilling your dreams.

The other topic we tend to keep to ourselves is our feelings for another person. Let me tell you, it is totally natural to have feeling for another person and it is common during this age. You should be open about your feelings about the other person, to your parents. They know what emotional up and downs we are going through. They can come out to be the perfect people to help you out during this time. Some parents do have a conservative approach to this. For parents reading out this blog, please don’t be harsh on your children and ask them to only concentrate on their studies. Please be supportive to them during this time, try backing their decisions and showing them the right path. Leave the final decision on them. This will surely make you children come closer to you, and then hence forth, they will share everything with you.

But there will come a time when we all will miss these scolding because all the scolding from our parents makes us a better person day by day though we don’t realize it at that moment! And then we will realize how foolish our thoughts were then.

Parents’ work all-day just for us, so that we can live a comfortable life and all our dreams and wishes is fulfilled. They go through a lot of hardships in raising us but they never make all these efforts too obvious to us. There are lots of hardships hidden in their smile. My parents have made a whole lot of sacrifice for me. They tried to pour in even their happiness into my glass just to see the bright smile cover my face. Their happiness is in your happiness because you mean everything to them, though they might not tell you this any day. And no doubt people out there reading may also be remembering those times when your parents sacrificed their happiness and their wishes just for you. Such cases are innumerable, aren’t they? But do you think you ever did enough to return there lost happiness back to them? In return what do they ask for? Well maybe a hug or not even that? Did they ask you anything in return for their love and devotion?

But then who is wrong then? Well no one is wrong here. Both are correct in their places but it is just that both need to accept this and work together by holding hands and staying together.

Note for parents (Only from a child’s perspective): The best inheritance a parent can give to their children is a few minutes of their time each day. So if any of the parents out there is reading this then please take out some time out for your children as well. What use of all the hard work you do just for them when you can’t give them a few minutes. There are a few important lessons that only a parent can share through their experience. Please try and understand what you child wants to say to you. Instead of shouting at them try to talk to them patiently once, try and make them figure out their mistakes and explain it to them that the things they are indulging themselves into may turn out to be harmful them later on, though leave the final decision on them.

Songs make a part of me, they define me. So here are some songs  related to this topic that I recommend to all my readers to hear when they have some free time.

  • Maa – from Taare Zameen Par
  • Lukka Chuppi – from Rang De Basanti
  • Mumma – from Dasvidaniya
  • Pita Se Hain Naam Tera – from Boss
  • Yeh Toh Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan – from Hum Saath Saath Hai

A humble request to all the readers; go and give your parents a tight hug. And if you are living somewhere away from you parents (and you might have understood their value in your life by now), please call them up and remind them of how important they are for you. Who doesn’t like to know of their importance in one’s life?

I hope you all will be as eager as I myself am to read the next and all the upcoming Blogs on this page. Feel free to share what you feel about the topic in the comments section below. So don’t forget to check out all the new action here every 15th of a month.

Till then Stay Happy. Keep Smiling and Do whatever you want to do man!

Love: Unconditional Affection

Part 2

“When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.”– Oscar Wilde.

Let’s see how true is this? Read on.

So till here everything described about LOVE seems to be good and made-in heaven types but this isn’t the true picture. Happiness & Despair is part and parcel of Love or maybe the two sides of the same coin (Love)……so be prepared to shed some tears now.

The first question which came up to my mind before starting to write the second part of the blog was – “Why would anyone like to know what happened to me and what are my thoughts on the same” So I put forward the same question to my sister. Blankly she told me that people want to know that the things they went through; is it unique to them, or does it happen with every other person and if it does then how do people tackle these it?

Disclaimer: Now, I am writing something which my head completely refuses to understand and accept. I am writing these things when I, myself am standing on sticky grounds. The thoughts that I am penning down in this blog is my perspective on the situation. So you may find it a bit one-sided!

Life isn’t all good as it seems to be. It’s filled with happiness, sadness, up and downs. Everyone who comes into our life comes for a reason and they all have a specific role to play. Your life is not dependent on anyone and they just come in to teach you a lesson, sometimes a lesson for a lifetime! When they come they bring all sort of happiness but when they leave they make you a stronger person than before. Someone (that someone is none other than me :P) has very aptly said- “Life is the process of falling down and then getting up. A person who knows how to get up after falling can truly make a mark in this world.”

You all know till now, how immensely I loved a girl but things didn’t fall as expected. I had imagined love to be all good to me. Wasn’t I a fool? But never in my dreams had I thought that it would take such turns for me and completely change me as a person (for good or bad that remains a question till now). I had imagined my Love Story to be a fairy tale, where I would find my Princess (I thought her to be my princess) and then we would live HAPPILY ever after. Isn’t it that what everyone dreams of? Even I did. But my hopes were shattered. And let me tell you, I had to re-join my heart from pieces. It was like a huge puzzle. And while I was trying to solve it I found the REAL me, who had got lost somewhere!

Loving a person brings unimaginative happiness with it. Truly speaking, I never could have imagined a life where she didn’t exist. My life had started revolving around her. Whenever I used to close my eyes, the only face that I could see was hers. The lovely time spent with her, each and every moment with her was all that went around in my head throughout. However bad my day would have been that one person was enough to bring a smile on my face throughout the day.

But I had to pay for too much attachment with a person.  Soon circumstances changed and that person became the reason of all my sadness and despair. Her name was written on all my tears (yeah the cliché line). For me it was disastrous. But I never blamed my feelings and love for her behind it as they were pure and true.

There were days where we spend the whole day just talking to each other throughout and now we even spend weeks without talking once to each other. This is how much our lives have changed.  Now when we have fights, it’s only me who tries to sort out the differences between the two while she never made any effort, unlike fights that we used to have initially. Fights previously seemed to be cute as we both tried and made an effort to make up. We both blamed each other but neither of us tried to regain what was lost.


In this what we both failed to understand was the fact that everyone has their own perspective. The difference in opinion should not lead to fights but should act as a bridge for understanding the other person better. I don’t believe in right or wrong. There are things that I consider right, but that doesn’t make it right for others.

A time came when I landed up into a stage where I didn’t know what to do. It was like my heart was divided into two halves, which were telling me to do things completely opposite to each another. A part of my heart wanted to hold out hope that we will get back together again. I wanted to wait for her even after what all had happened. But at the same time the other half of my heart was telling me to move on. It told me that if she would have wanted to be with me she would have been here with me right now holding my hand! I kept on trying to make her love me; when in the back of my mind I knew that she could never be mine and neither could have I loved her like before. Perhaps what I needed to admit at that time was whatever happened was for my own good and that destiny had it written. If they don’t appreciate your love and how much you are trying just for them, they are seriously not worth your time and energy!

FB_IMG_1428086266775 It’s never easy when a significant relationship (or friendship) ENDs. Whether it’s a breakup or a refusal and whether you wanted it or not— it can turn your whole world upside down and triggers all sort of painful and unsettling feelings. Your life plans, your hopes, your dreams and a part of yourself will feel utterly lost. But it is necessary for individuals to move on in life slowly and gradually.

Almost everyone goes through this time and it is important that you don’t pity yourself, unlike what I did. I kept on doing things just to make her realise my love for her and how much she had hurt me, while she never took note of it. It was like finding a ray of hope (re-union) in a dark dungeon of defiance. Where how much ever you may try, you will only find yourself in darkness. Darkness of anguish and despair. More you search in for the hopes of re-uniting back, deeper and deeper you get into this dungeon and soon a time will come where you might not be able to find your way back. The only remedy that could have healed my pain at that time was tears. But I didn’t want tear rolling out of my eyes as I wanted to show how strong I was. I always kept a smile sticking on my face to never let anyone know what I was going through but I was broken from inside. “Mard ko kabhi Dard nahi hota”- you all know how it goes (another cliché).

Advice: Though if you feel that they love you to the slightest, I’ll advice you to wait for them. Fight for your love. It’s better waiting than regretting all your life. But not at your cost certainly, not at the cost of your feelings, not at the cost of your happiness! Uh….our HEARTS! They are so gullible! How do we make it understand?


This is the time when your friends become your support system. Throughout the whole experience, one thing became very clear to me: Friends are everything. Support from others is critical to healing though you might feel like being alone sometimes. It’s ok to give sometime to yourself but totally isolating yourself will only make this time more difficult for you.

“The best way to escape your problem is to face it.” – As Shah Rukh Khan had said in his movie Chennai Express!

Never try and trap what you have within yourself as it will only lead to sadness and desolation. Don’t try to get through this on your own. Sharing your feelings with friends and family can help you get through this period. You will seem to need them every now and then. And never hesitate in telling them whatever you feel; whatever you are going through. Expressing your feelings will liberate you. Knowing that others are aware of your feelings will make you feel less alone.

My best friend stepped in for me. He advised me to do things that made me happy. To be with friends who made me forget her presence and my pain. And most importantly, not to base my thoughts and actions on her any more. He advised me to surround myself with people who are positive and who will truly listen to me. He said it is important that I need to be honest about what I am going through, without worrying about being judged, or criticized. Starting this sort of conversation will be difficult but as you start gradually everything in your heart will start coming out automatically. You will find as you start to speak to more and more people about it, you will start getting over them. You will start finding new ways to live!

Spending time with people who support, value, and energize you can also come to your rescue. Reaching out to people who have been through this painful stage can be especially helpful. They know what it is like and they can assure you that there is hope for healing and new relationships.

Journaling can also be a helpful outlet for your feelings which you could have never expressed it to anyone (so now you know why I am writing all these stuffs :P). Write all your feelings down in the form of journal or poems. The most important thing is to be absolutely honest as you go. One of the best results of writing it all down is that sometimes you will be amazed by a sudden insight that comes to you as you are pouring it all out onto paper. Patterns may become clearer, and as your grieving begins to lessen, you will find it so much easier to understand valuable life lessons from the whole.

If you still feel that you are not able to totally detach yourself from the person; this is perhaps because something remains unsaid, even now. In such case I would suggest you to talk your heart out to the person whom you love. Tell them what you feel for them and what you are going through now.  And nothing feels better than knowing that the person whom you love knows what exactly you are going through. 2015-03-15-12-37-31 So if you are going through (or went through one) heart break – break-up or refusal the thing is that please try to understand their decision, try understanding them. Try knowing their point of view. It is important not to dwell on the negative feelings or to over-analyse the situation. Respect their decision to not to be with you and try and move on. Don’t let a breakup or refusals destroy your hopes. Don’t leave your faith in LOVE. You will again fall in Love….maybe next time with a person who values you much for than anyone. Think it this way – they were never destined to be with you and that you have much better things awaiting you.

1430731416538_1430730086225 This time can turn out to be very positive for you. After heartbreak or break-up our determination to do things increases multiple folds (this is generally what happens). Try utilizing this time in making a goal and start working on it. As and as you will get yourself into doing stuffs, you will notice that you thought about them much lesser. Try improving your future instead of always thinking of your past. Learn from it and move on! That is how life goes and that is also how life should go on. Never let these experiences make you fall down. No relationship is ever a failure if you manage to learn something about yourself. Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t a necessary part of your journey to becoming who you’re meant to be.


Note: Very rarely can a breakup lead to a solid friendship. If your ex is pushing for friendship, stand your ground if you’re uncomfortable with the idea. Don’t try to force yourself into anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.


There might be some of my friends who somewhere down the line may have a very bad experience of Love, and may have stopped believing that LOVE even exists. But one bad experience should never make you think that Love is always bad and that it always will hurt. There is no point supressing your feelings because of one bad experience.


Even in this situation, SONGs played an amazing part in supporting and encouraging me. It helped me to get back in life. It helped me cool down my anxiety and forget my pain for sometimes. If nothing else; hearing these songs made me very happy from heart. So here are some songs which I could very much connect to. They had my whole story written in them. Do hear out these songs when you get time.

  • Teri Khushboo – from Mr. X
  • Chhayee Hai Tanhayee – from Love BreakUps Zindagi
  • Teri Yaadon Se – from BloodMoney
  • Tune Jo Na Kaha – from New York
  • Aasan Nahi Yaha – from Aashiqui 2
  • Bhula Dena – from Aashqui 2
  • Dil Ko Dukhaana Kise Kehte Hain

In the next part of the blog we plan to take a sensitive topic; about the difference of opinion between children and their parents which only goes on to widen during teenage. We have tried to be unbiased in it and tried to give the view point of both parents and us. The blog will be posted very soon.

I hope you all will be as eager as I myself am. Keep on reading the next blog and all the upcoming Blogs on this page. Feel free to share what you feel about the topic in the comment section below. So don’t forget to check out all the action here.

Stay Happy. Keep Smiling and Do whatever you want to do man!

Love: Unconditional Affection

Part 1

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love.” This fairy tale model was a little too simplistic for my needs. You all want details, don’t you? Of course who doesn’t want!

Okay so this is my first attempt in writing blogs. My only intent for writing these blogs are to find a suitable medium to express my feelings – happiness, sadness, anger and despair. I am starting this Blog with a topic which most of my teenage friends will be able to relate – LOVE.This is one feeling that almost everyone has experienced during this age of theirs, though many won’t admit. Even your parents have gone through and they know what you may also be going through.

I’ve been waiting to write whatever I felt about the one I love since a very long time.  I have way too much to tell you all that I think I can write a book on this topic, but you see I don’t have the ability to put thoughts and write the way a writer does. I hope I am able to pour everything that I have inside me, out here. I myself have gone through many of the Blogs related to LOVE. Topics like ‘How do I know if the Girl likes Me or Not’ or “How do I know I LOVE someone’ are all quite famous and common on Internet. In this blog I will try to be as original as possible and try to cover all the things from the view point of a commoner, the things which I felt or had gone through, the time I had first fallen for a girl I immensely loved or actually still Love.

To point out that a word like LOVED doesn’t exist in any of the Dictionaries which is but obvious because the word is in past tense and also because as they say “True Love never ends”. Some people don’t believe in terms like TRUE Love and all….so a request to those people, this Blog is just not for you.

Note: Let me tell my readers, LOVE is an amazing feeling and it cannot be defined. The feeling is well above words to define it.

Now a question might pop up in your mind is how do you come to know whether you like a person or not? Well the answer to this question is not easy as it seems. There is no set formula for knowing this. You can understand whether you like (or love) a person, when while talking to them you can listen to your own heart beats and your common sense diminishes which makes you do all the craziest things seeing them. Sleepless nights and dreams of that particular person becomes a common phenomenon. Parte waqt bhi uski yaad sataaye toh samajh jaana that you have feelings for them which should not be ignored. But as I said there is no set formula to know this and things might be different for you.

When I first met her I couldn’t understand what was so special in her which made me pull towards her like she was a magnet. At first both of us took some time in approaching each other. Initially starting any conversation was very difficult. But everything just started to fall into place. I exactly don’t know when but somewhere down the line, I opened up without even realizing so. A point came when we started searching each other to talk our hearts out. When I fell in Love, I forgot almost everything and just kept thinking about her. I had found a person with whom I could spend my entire life. I felt she was a girl who completely forgot herself when she was with me. She completed me in every possible sense and I’m not a guy who will say these words jokingly. I have got to know her so much that I don’t even need to see her to know what’s going on within her (yes, you guessed it right I am talking about mind reading). Her face kept revolving in my head. I loved everything about her. She was my first thought in the morning, and even my last thought before I slept and in almost all thoughts in between. Anything that made me happy or sad was impacted by my interactions with her.  She made all my imperfections look perfect. It was like we both were meant to be with each other (Destiny, I would like to believe). I became so mad after her that every night I used to see her picture on my phone and sleep. Seems weird while reading? Even I felt so. When you fall in Love, you will also be doing such weird things.

I started looking forward to each day at school just because of her. Just one glimpse of her was enough to make my day. I loved the times that we spent together laughing, eating, chatting, the long corridor walks during breaks and nonetheless fighting, I loved it all. People say they hate fighting with their loved ones…but I have a totally different take on it. I loved fighting with her! For us our talk didn’t just end there in school but we would continue our talks over the phone even. Though usually didn’t have any particular topic to talk about but our talks used to continue for long hours (and by long I mean really LONGGG). Our talks were not limited to the phone either and continued even over WhatsApp or Hike. We could talk day long about our common interests, Shah Rukh Khan and Love

I used to change my WhatsApp DPs and Statuses everyday. Through them, I used to tell her what I never could have told her personally, they were like my silent messages to her.

And she used to ask me – ‘For whom do you put these DPs and statuses for?’ and I would reply ‘for you who else!’ and I am telling you it made me really happy that she noticed them. We used to continuously change our statuses. It became our mean of communication during fights. And this made the STATUS WAR start….every 5 mins. and we had a different status. And I found her updating those statuses for me very cute, it made be believe that I am important to her. But more than her my friends and family members used to go through them and always ask me ‘Bhai kiske liye hai tera DP’….and I used to reply ‘Kuch nahi esse hi.’ One of my DPs that I had put for her: I_Love_U-wallpaper-9295529But you know, to be honest (tbh) the advice that I will give now to my friends is to avoid WhatsApping to your loved ones as much as possible. The amazing feeling of hearing their voice over the phone or talking face-to-face is completely different and unparalleled. Plus, your messages can be misinterpreted and and cause misunderstanding between the two. So, please avoid! I would request all my friends and fellow readers to share all their thoughts and feelings with their siblings and BestFriends at least if you are not comfortable sharing what you are going through with your parents. They will always understand you, support you and will give the right advice. They will listen to u calmly and even clam you down. In my case I found this support in my elder sister and my BestFriend. This is the time when you won’t know what to do…..and you’ll be running out for your friends for their advice all the time.


During this time, when I fell in love; SONGs played an amazing part in supporting and encouraging me. It helped me cool down my anxiety. If nothing else; hearing these songs made me very happy from heart. Songs have a VOICE of their own. They strike a unique chord in your heart. Sometimes songs say more than words ever could. They are the silent message from your heart to the other person. I hope SONGs could one day be personified so that it could say its story.

To name a few of my PERSONAL FAVOURITES –

  • I’ve Been Waiting For U – by Guys Next Door
  • La Da Dee – by Cody Simpson
  • MayBe – by Enrique Iglesias
  • Tune Jo Na Kaha (from NewYork)
  • Muskurane (from CityLight)
  • Darmiyaan (from JodiBreaker)

[Don’t forget to check these songs out after leaving this Blog]

In the next part I’ll be covering not so Rosy part of Love. The story in the next part isn’t this Happy or made-in heaven types. The Next part of the story has Gloom, Sadness, Tear and a bit of hope that the person you Love may come back to you one day.

As Bob Marley has correctly put it in words – “If she is AMAZING she won’t be easy. If she is easy, she wont’ be amazing. If she is worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy….Truth is everybody is going to hurt you; you just got to find the one worth suffering for.”

So almost reaching at the end of this blog, I would like to include something. As I have gone through it and seen many of my friends suffer similarly, so it had to get a place in my blog. And this is my personal view and many might not agree. When you tell someone about you have feelings for them, i.e. Saying I LOVE U, there is only two possible reply either ‘I Love U Too’ or ‘Sorry but I don’t Love U’. There is no place for ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I am confused’. If you get such a reply consider it to be a polite NO from that person. Respect them because they said this because they didn’t want to hurt you; like many who may have hurt them at some point of time. Such answer can be possible if you ask them for any sort of commitment where they might not be sure, they might fear that you might leave them, or be it anything. But finally it comes down to a simple thing; either that person likes you or they don’t. So if you tell your feelings to someone, then request them to answer with simple a YES or a NO. ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I am confused’ will leave you nowhere because you won’t know whether you should wait for that person or should you try and move on. Your Heart will tell you to wait for them but your brain will signal you to move ahead in life.

So here I am ending this blog with a Shaayari:

Deewane uske naam ke; iss baat se humei inkaar nahi.

Kaise kahein ki humei unse pyaar nahi;

Kuch Kasoor toh hai unki aankhon ka,

Akele hi hum gunhegaar nahi!

I hope you all will be as eager as I myslef am reading the next part of this blog and all the upcoming Blogs on this page. So don’t forget to check out all the action here.

Stay Happy. Keep Smiling and Do Whatever you want to do man!  

Part 2 (will be published soon)

So till here everything described about LOVE seems to good and made-in heaven types but this isn’t the true picture. Happiness and Sadness are parts and parcel of Love or maybe the two sides of the same coin. When you fall in LOVE you ought to go through both of them. So prepare to shed some tears now………..