Diksha Kabra

Hey so its DIKSHA KABRA here who is writing blogs with her Blog Partner HIMANSHU BOTHRA and I really hope that all of you really like what we have written. Our blogs basically deal with the Teenage Psychology. I know that sounds weird but to keep it simple we have written about the teens’ life and the emotions, problems we go through. I am also in the teens group it’s just that I wanted to share all those with everyone. And as Shah Rukh Khan said in his Happy New Year movie “Keep it simple.” Himanshu and me have tried hard to follow it and kept the language of the blog really very simple. So I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Why I contributed in writing blogs is I love writing. I write to jot down whatever I feel. I write when I am extremely happy or when I am sad or when I am in a laughing mood (ya I mean I laugh terribly at things. If you say something funny I’ll constantly laugh and then it really becomes difficult to stop me but its ok my friends are there to do so) or when I am really very angry or when I have a fight with people… so basically I write in every situation. I thought that when I would grow up I’ll take journalism as my career but due to some issues it’s nearly impossible. So writing blogs was one way through which at least quarter of my aim is accomplished. There’s one more reason actually my Blog partner is my bestie best wala friend so if I had to say NO then I had to tolerate his angry bird type attitude (Dare you cut this line Himanshu).

So this is my info corner. And remember this a secret, don’t disclose this :P. I am a huge huge huge fan of the BAADSHAH… SHAH RUKH KHAN. I love eating CHOCOLATES, ICE-CREAMS and finally GOLAS. In life keep this theory in mind “ONE CHOCOLATE OR ICECREAM A DAY KEEPS SADNESS AWAY.” Remember this theory and keep eating Chocolates and stay happy… my favorite chocolate is all sort of milk chocolates and specially Dairy milk (This has a special category too… Silk).

I am a very confused, jolly, an extremely HYPERACTIVE, talkative person. And when I am confused I don’t say No in an informal way.

The most important part of my life is my parents, my brother, my entire family and I can do anything to make them happy. I am that sort of a girl who talk and jokes with everyone when she is happy and talks to herself when she is sad. I basically talk to the stars and the moon when I am sad. and I am the one who finds happiness when I am eating a chocolate or talking to the stars or when I am calling my parents and my friends with those weird names given by me or when I try to make out the different shapes of the cloud near the moon or when I jump on the bed and think that I m a Rockstar or when I eat a Lollipop :P.

I have innumerable mood swings when I am sad I really reach the depression stage and when I am happy then I reach the madness stage. Though I make friends easily but I am very very shy and I do not open up easily… so I am trying to get rid of this habit and my nail biting habit (I do so when am tensed).

Then I can’t imagine my life without MUSIC, DANCE, CHOCOLATES and FOOD … I love listening to all types of songs (actually whatever suits my mood). Then I am also very foody. I really love eating, reading books, travelling, listening to SRK’S songs, sleeping :P, then fighting with friends over small issues, then having a cat-dog fight with my brother (but I really love him). I have all awkward habits. Then there are times when I talk to my blog partner in a rowdy way (you know tapoori types, he is also a tapoori). Then yes I do a habit of keeping weird names like I call my FATHER, MOGAAMBO and my MOTHER, ANGRY BIRD. My blog partner also has many names bhagwati, golu, formili etc.

I guess its enough… Please do read our blogs and leave a reply…it would be helping us a lot…




  1. Rishita · April 15, 2015

    Keep it up
    well expressed

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Priyanka Agarwal · April 15, 2015

    Gr8 going cheery…felt so good after reading your blog..never knew u wanted to become a journalist …when I was going through ur blog , it actually made me remember my childhood days 🙂
    I loved it…keep going the spirit and follow ur dreams…:) gud luck big girl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Himanshu&Diksha · April 15, 2015

      Thank U so much Priyanka! We hope u liked our blog! We’ll try to overcede ur expectations in our upcoming attempts.
      Please Like and Follow to stay tuned with our upcoming Blogs!


      • Anonymous · April 16, 2015

        Well done dik!!!
        (Mere language mei its “faadu”)


        • Himanshu&Diksha · April 19, 2015

          Thank u so much….. We hope to continue our FaaDu work!


          • diksha kabra · April 22, 2015

            Thank u and sorry for the late reply… 😛

            Liked by 1 person

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